Integrate Clang-Tidy into CMake

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Clang-Tidy is a really great tool that does static code analysis on your code. To be honest I’ve become a much better C++ developer thanks to Clang-Tidy.

My favorite IDE, QtCreator, has something called Clang-Code-Model which is a plugins that runs in the background and in real-time displays things that can be changed. QtCreator also has a tool which can run Clang-Tidy on your project to list potential problems. All this is very nice and makes both you and your code better. But there is one thing missing - integrate into your build.

So I thought I should write a bit on how you can implement Clang-Tidy into your CMake-based project in a really simple way. The goal is that we run Clang-Tidy on the files we compile and not the complete project. The reason for this is speed and also to “force” all team-members to use it.

CMake and Clang-Tidy

Since version 3.7.2 of CMake there is a really simple solution to this. Just set CMAKE_CXX_CLANG_TIDY (there is CMAKE_C_LANG_TIDY for your C code as well) and your done! At least almost. You can set CMAKE_CXX_CLANG_TIDY either in your CMakeList.txt or you can do it from the command line.

set(CMAKE_CXX_CLANG_TIDY "clang-tidy;-checks=*")

or in CMakeLists.txt

set(CMAKE_CXX_CLANG_TIDY "clang-tidy;-checks=*")

These two example above will run Clang-Tidy with all checks enabled.

Passing arguments to Clang-Tidy

The string you pass the CMAKE_CXX_CLANG_TIDY is your different arguments to Clang-Tidy. So the example above passes -checks=* to Clang-Tidy.

Getting checks on headers

By default Clang-Tidy will not check your header files for problems. But you might be interested in running Clang-Tidy on your headers as well. This is done with the argument -header-filter=.. For example:


The above snippet from CMakeLists.txt will make sure to also check header in the .-folder, the project folder. You might need to change this depending on your project setup.

Treating warning as errors

A really nice feature is that you can treat warnings as errors if you like. This can be enabled at any time or maybe just on your CI-build.

The idea is that you configure a number of checks using -checks=... and you configure which of those shall be treated as errors.

Lets say we enable two (randomly selected checks), -checks=bugprone-*,cppcoreguidelines-avoid-goto. Now we set which we would like to treat as errors. If we set -warnings-as-errors=* both of the two tests above will generate errors. If you set warnings-as-errors=cppcoreguidelines-avoid-goto only the test cppcoreguidelines-avoid-goto will be treated as an error.

Remember that by setting don’t enable any test, this must be done by using -checks=.

Below is a example how -warnings-as-errors looks in CMake.


Example repo

I’ve made a simple example, with some problems that Clang-Tidy finds. You can find it at my Github repo.

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Clang-Tidy is a really great tool that does static code analysis on your code. To be honest I've become a much better C++ developer thanks to Clang-Tidy. So how can this be integrated into CMake. Continue reading

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